Buy Kroger Gifts Cards – Save more at the pump! #Kroger Earn 4x Fuel Points #GotADiscount

You can buy gift cards at Kroger stores right now and receive 4x the fuel points. That equals savings at the pump!  As a BzzAgent,  I bought Kroger Gift Cards for a couple of people to give as gifts during the Kroger 4x the fuel points BzzAgent campaign I’m doing, but you don’t have to be a BzzAgent to take advantage of this great deal. You can give the cards as gifts or you buy gift cards for yourself to use as cash at your favorite stores or restaurants. When you buy Kroger gift cards, you get 4x the fuel reward points to apply at the pump when you purchase gas at an affiliated Kroger station.  It’s a big win/win!  I saved .20 per gallon on my last fuel purchase and I got gift cards to give to family members over the holidays.  I’ll be going back for more!


#Got A Discount #Kroger 4x Fuel Pointsphoto(471)

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